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Hey there, all of yah! It's probably time I use this thingamadoodle called a journal to bring you some updates.  Hopefully, I don't mess things up too badly. ^^;  Now! For those of you following my cover works, you may have noticed the many of them are only for upcoming or unpublished works and find that the link to the story is dreadfully nonexistent.  Well many of them have been published since then. So if you're interested in the artworks below, then you may be interested in the stories behind them. A story behind every title link, I say!

But You Surpass Them All by Pascoite

But You Surpass Them All Cover by Conicer
""Strong" is definitely a word that describes the Apples, and their family bonds are one of their biggest strengths. But Applejack will need to show her vulnerable side to get the most out of this day.

With her friends' help and a few cracks in her armor, Applejack is going to make this Mother's Day the best one yet."

CHAINED by Kriegor

The Atlas Cover by Conicer
"It's been ten years after everything changed. Ten years after the massive starship that is the 'USS Vector' first cracked open the sky. Our society and world melded with the reality of the humans, uniting every species as a whole and creating the United Species Coalition.

Join me as I explore this new world from the eyes of a titan."

Compiler by Smoking Gun

Compiler Cover by Conicer
"You're never too young to learn something new.

With computers becoming a new hit in Equestria, Twilight and Spike travel back to Canterlot so that she can learn all she can about these new devices and how they work. Meeting the colorful staff and students, Twilight slowly starts to learn that not all problems can be solved with a solution in the book.

Maybe she should try a video tutorial."

Darkness Beckons by Corejo

Labyrinth Cover by Conicer
"Legend tells of a shadowy demon that consumes the souls of the living.  When Applebloom is found comatose in the Everfree, Twilight comes to learn the horrifying truth—some legends are real.  Spurred by fear, she ventures into the darkness of Applebloom's nightmare, and the unimaginable terrors within."

Derpy's Device  by LunarShadow

Unidentifiable Cover by Conicer
"Derpy has spent the last few weeks holed up in the library's basement with permission from Twilight. The only problem is, Twilight wants to know what Derpy is doing and she isn't telling. So, the only logical course of action is for Twilight to find out on her own."

Discord and Co., Enterprise of Evil by Wisher

Discord and Co., Enterprise of Evil Cover by Conicer
"You forget that all that is simple is in fact quite complex, my dear fellow. Yes, all we do is walk, talk, and observe. But underneath this simple exterior, there is a cloaked core of needs and wants.

Live? We do not simply live, my friend. We live the way we choose to live. But then again, we are blind, and choose at random along what bumpy roads we walk on. It is a tricky business, that requires open eyes, for what you seek. And what you seek is thrill.

Me? I'm a businessman. My eyes are wide open. I am a salesman of thrill.

In Saint-Celest, a vast and thriving city not too far from San Francisco that has known incredibly fast growth since the arrival of ponies in the human world, anything and everything goes down in its streets.

In this complex and diverse society, Discord has known for many years, to his delight, that humans are much more corruptible and prone to... well, discord, than ponies.

What better place to set up a business in? A large, intricate net of activities all more mischievous in nature than the last one. From hypnotic art dealing to the smuggling of equestrian drugs that put human ones to shame, there are so many ways to make chaos a dream come true. Assuming you have the right humans in the palm of your hand/claw/paw/other, and a workforce of very special workers with a unique ability..."

Lyra vs. Goldfish

Try one! by Conicer
"Goldfish.  The snack that smiles back.  But why?  What lies behind their sinister smiles?

Method Actress by Smoking Gun

Method Actress Cover by Conicer
"Chrysialis is back... and completely insane.

The changeling that once aimed to take over Equestria vanished after her plans were thwarted. But now shes back, with a somewhat altered agenda. She's become mentally unstable and is beginning to loose control... or is she?

What has driven Chrysalis to this"

My First New Year's Alone by Various Authors

First Hearth's Warming Eve Alone by Conicer
"Writefriends from all over /fic/ gathered in a war of words on the weekend of Dec 14. These are the resulting stories."

Sprinkles by Corejo

Sprinkles Cover by Conicer
"Pinkie Pie is beyond excited to teach Twilight baking, and Twilight couldn't be a more perfect learner, thanks to her book. But as they begin creating their delicate delicacies, Twilight realizes just how wrong she really is."

Working As Intended by Corejo

Reading Rainbow Sequel Cover by Conicer
"Pressed by the looming shadow of academic tardiness after her internment at the hospital, Twilight again attempts the use of the Split-Sight spell to catch up on her studies.  But when a strange side effect alters more than just her vision, she finds that things might not go quite as she had planned."
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kingofraggedy Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013
Bookmarked most of these stories, and plan on reading them eventually. My list of fanfics gets longer by the day...
Conicer Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heh, I know that feeling. My reading list consists of 128 stories at the current moment. It mostly contains a delightful potpourri of Twilight, Applejack, Celestia, adventure, and changeling fics. Not sure what it says about my tastes, but they're generally my favorite subject matters. :)
kingofraggedy Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013
I'm a fan of 'Human' fanfics, like what would happen if a soldier from the Halo series somehow ended up in Equestria? Or what would happen if Rorschach from The Watchmen was transported to Equestria? (yes, these are actual fanfics I've fav'd).

Yes, the what-if's... the glorious what-if situations. I absolutely adore it when writers execute those stories wonderfully. (speaking of changelings, I'm looking forward to reading 'Changeling in Ponyville')
Conicer Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I absolutely agree with you about what-ifs. They're simply the bread and butter of almost all great stories. :D For 'The Three Sisters', it's what if Rarity was a changeling queen all along? In 'Contraptionology!', it's what if Applejack tried to join a science fair? 'Super Amazing Rocket Sled of Awesome' asks what if Spike gets a... well, you get the picture. ;)

And thanks for the 'Changeling in Ponyville' recommendation. I'll be sure to check it out. :)
kingofraggedy Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
Okay, sorry, I had to make sure what the title was for the actual fanfic; all I knew was that the story was about a changeling who was stuck in Ponyville.

Here's the direct link to the story that I had mentioned: [link]
dempsey23 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013
Thanks for the recommendations.
Conicer Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem! Hope you enjoy at least some of them. :)
dempsey23 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013
I'm happiest when I'm reading.
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