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May 30, 2013
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The Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee Cover by Conicer The Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee Cover by Conicer
"It's like living in an Ipod!"

This is a cover request drawn up for the story The Happiness and Peace of Mind Committee by FlanChan. There are points where I simply wanted to try out a specific composition or paint a particular landscape. This is one of the times. I think it turned out pretty well! Though the city might be a little perspecively unsound however (but, oh ow, my drawing arm!).

"'Are you happy? You know it’s your duty, right? Do as you’re expected!'

Twilight Sparkle lives with her friends in a technologically advanced utopia, where the happiness of everypony is guaranteed. There are no fights, no heartbreak, and no troubles of the past. Everypony lives in bliss.

Twilight and her friends need to rebel."
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............. this picture is well made, very beautiful.......... it represents a sotry that embodies one of my primary vices with storytelling in general, and fanfiction as a whoel.

her idea was inspired, her execution failty, and her characterization short of criminal. she does not depict the six mares that stood against the shadows, she depicts a group of petty, souless fools who have the mental and spiritual strength of drunks.
Honestly, why are you so mad about the story that you're going to such lengths to talk about it? Just leave a dislike, a negative comment, then got on with life, can't you?
(Also I'm very sorry Conicer that you have to put up with this for making me such a beautiful cover art. I feel bad ._.)
think it is largely one half disappointment and other half having one of my biggest peeves poked at. the story had potential but the characterization is completely distracting. that last thing with pinkie pie is borderline unforgivable..... think that is the worse part of it all. you set up situations where, if the characters acted in character, the situations would never, ever happen. it also makes it an outright insult to the show and characters. you make them appear weak, and anyone who watches the show would know that they are not weak. none of these character would behave this way. not applejck, not fluttershy, and dear lord NOT pinkie pie.

you had each of these character completely betray who they are and treat theri bonds of friendship as if they are frail and meaningless............. that is the greatest insult your story gives. you demean their bonds as meaningless.......... bonds that made the the element bearers, defeated disrcod and nightmare moon, so easily broken?
That had nothing to do with what I said -_(\
Good to know you still hate the story though.
:iconlordoffantasy: I said before I am just affected very negatively by the story. very, very, very negatively.

and the latest chapter made me facepalm violently.................. everything with it is off. the behavior of the reagl sisters, them no recognizing rarity, rarity not telling everyone hat hey, the regal sisters are there! let's release them so they can kick emeralds ass!
everything aobut this story is completely off. might work, might, if these charactes were your own ocs. you can make them ebehave as tyou want then. but no, these are not ocs. you cannot just make them do as you wish...............
and the trap here is sooooo god damn obvious that I nearly caused myself brain damage when the pseudo mane six fell for it hook, line, sinker......
them being stupid does not make your villain smart. dumb enemies just makes your own character incompetent because they can only win because their enemies are dumb.
well ah
I'm gonna pretend I understand what you mean when you say there's a trap, because I don't really recall putting one in
also can you please stop harassing me about this story because it's really rude to insult me about it even after I block you and tell you multiple times to stop...
shakes head. regardless, you should anticipate criticism anyway if you create something....... admitably mine is mostly destructive rather than constructive but i can't think of a single thing that could repair this story. everything is just a mess in it. honestly i have seen worse messes in story telling, but when it comes down to characterization, it is teeth grinding. cause i know in my heart if any of these characte had been protrayed correctly, none what happens would happen.

even you own oc. think about it. is it really that impressive when she outsmarts braindead oc versions of the mane six and the regal sistres, only winning because they are sutpid enoguh to let her?
not to mention you completely ignored one major factor with that whole brainwashing thing. You ignored that Celestia has the capacity to compeltely break brainwashing spells at will. She broke the want it need it spell, which is technically brainwashing, cast by none other than twilight sparkle.
in other words if she had been written competently, she would have simply flown over the crowd and removed the brainwashing.

your oc fails to imrpes because you had to deteriat the abilities and strength of the mane six and regal sisters to make her capable of doing anyrthing. or at least that is the only way i can think why. what happens when you don't write them right is your create major plot holes all over the place.
Wow I'm sorry that you couldn't grasp the subtle nuances I put in that showed that maybe characters have motives that aren't being given away yet even though I've reminded you of that about three times now.
What's you're deal anyway? Just stop reading the story if you think it's so broken beyond repair. Why go through torturing me about problems that aren't even there? Move on already, yeesh.

(And, ah, just saying, your work isn't exactly stellar, either...)
......wait, block me? then how are we communicating right now?
I blocked you on Fimfiction so I wouldn't have to deal with your comments on there anymore
But apparently that means you're just going to keep complaining about it for no reasons through different means like you are right now
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